My name is Ekim. I like to do stuff. Please allow me to elaborate.

Professionally, I work as a corporate trainer and seminar leader. Among the courses I teach are public speaking and business writing. I also tutor and teach people how to ace standardized tests and improve their cognitive skills. To that end, I coach clients one-on-one, in various group settings, online and in person. I not only present a variety of professional development courses, but I also design a fair bit of what goes into  them.

Personally, I’m an amateur musician – having been a rock drummer since I was a teen (I also muck about obtusely on the piano). I’ve played in various bands and with some truly excellent songwriters and musicians. Every now and then I post about those experiences. I have also done standup comedy and may eventually return to doing that, if I can ever find the time.

Educationally, I majored in psychology (minoring in media arts) and have long been fascinated by human and even animal behavior. I have strong opinions about such topics as learning, ADD, career choice, and creativity, among others.

Other interests include photography, videography, travel, health, and fitness. I post about those areas to, and welcome genuine comments from anyone else interested in those things.


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